2017-2018 Schedule and Fees


Our program runs four days a week, with a minimum of 3 days enrollment required. All children are given the option to apply for either the Ease in, 3-hour day or the extended afternoon, 4-hour day. We recommend four for children who show readiness. The option is always present for families who wish to increase hours of enrollment from Ease in to Extended Afternoon with submission of a new contract. 

We provide two programs to fit the needs of you and your child.

Ease in Morning is a gentle introduction to group learning. This option works best for children who may still need to go home and have a nap.

Extended Afternoon offers the the additional benefit of children sharing lunch, a story, conversations over lunch and also finishing up projects from the morning. This option becomes increasingly popular as the children settle in and get to know their friends. If you start out with the three-hour option, your child will most likely be asking to stay longer before mid-year. 

A minimum of three days a week is required for all admissions.

You may apply for either three or four days per week.  If you choose to begin with the Ease in option, but to increase to Extended Afternoon, that option is always open to you throughout the year.  Please note that your flexibility in days and times increases your options and chances of admission.

Discounts and Registration Priority.

Registration priority will be given to returning families until December 1st.  A 5% discount will be applied to tuition paid in full.

Please understand that we seek to create a balanced and diverse group.  We have a waiting list option if we are at first unable to place your child with us.

Application Deadlines and Acceptance Letters.

We are always accepting applications until the group is full.  Call to find out about current openings and future openings.  You can access the application on our website at any time. Space in our program is limited, so it is advised that you send us your application prior to February.  February is the month we begin sending out acceptance letters.

Application and Deposit Fees.

An application fee of $100 to process your application and paperwork is required.  We will refund the deposit if we are not able to provide a space for your child.

Upon acceptance to our program, you are expected to provide a first month's deposit along with your signed contract within 30 days.  Failure to do so will open your spot to another interested family.

Your first payment after that is due on July 1st.  Our program runs for nine months total.