People who love working with children make connections happen!

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Elisha Georgiou, MEd., Director

Elisha is over the moon with excitement to invite Brooklyn's children to her inspired new space in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, New York. Elisha is an educator (Masters of Education, Teachers College Columbia), artist and mother of two from Northern California. She has lovingly called Brooklyn home for the past sixteen years and dedicates her life to fostering love of learning and growing through arts explorations and playful inquiry. Elisha has taught elementary school and run arts programs through various non-profit arts organizations in New York. She recently co-founded Find& where she has worked for two years bringing early child-hood arts programing to children in Brooklyn. Elisha is deeply inspired by the scribbles and musings, songs and stories of the children she works with. She takes great care as she finds joy in designing alternative play environments, curating varied materials and choosing interesting literature - all which encourage children's natural inklings to create and imagine! Elisha is also a writer and documentarian. She expects the future of Willow Nest Studio to blossom into a magical, thoughtful, and creative world of its own. The very special families who join her on this journey will be part of making this happen.