Open Play Family Days


Willow Nest Studio occasionally hosts  Open Play Family Workshops on Monday mornings.  See the schedule below for upcoming dates. These play workshops are drop-in. 

Children join together to design and build forts, transform spaces, create their own puppet characters, design and create costumes, build wooden and found object cities, read and share stories, and tinker with all kinds of materials including messy ones!  Interesting and provocative materials and themes change daily. The environment is especially intended to be shared and guided by the children themselves. So come join new friends in a warm, beautiful setting designed to inspire the very young and get ready to play a little! 

This is your opportunity to get acquainted with the Willow Nest space, take part in playful, creative experiences with your child, and meet like-minded parents in your neighborhood. Space is limited, so registration each day is required. 

Scroll through images to see the space and a few examples of things we might explore here.