Summer 2017

Makers and Storytellers Camp at Willow Nest Studio

Add some creativity to your child's summer. Because happiness is a group of friends that create and play together!

Willow Nest Studio is opening once again for two weeks of Makers and Storytellers Camp. At our studio, children are the creators and protagonists of their own stories. Children explore their original ideas through dramatic play, shadow making, tinkering and songwriting. A wide variety of materials helps them to construct story props, costumes and large installations. Workshops take place at our studio on 16th Street in Windsor Terrace and across the street at the Southwest end of Prospect Park. At Willow Nest Studio, we welcome children to take part in a joyful experience filled with creativity, song and building friendships. Our camp is small, mixed-age and a fun way to include siblings who would like to stay together. 


Week One: Adventure Land

Ages 4-8

Monday, August 7 - 11


Fee: $480 per Week  


Adventure Land is a week of transforming space, creating and imagining with boxes, tubes, colorful bag canopies, fabric, wonderful found objects and paint. Children create their very own Adventure Land - including fort structures within which to play, or costumes and props to help inspire make-believing. Children transform their imaginings into solid structures they can inhabit and traverse.

Week Two: Magical World

Ages 4-8

Monday, August 14 -18 


Fee: $480 per Week  


Imaginary Creatures in a Magical World come alive as children envision new personalities, strengths and possible adventures through costume design and improvisation. Recycled materials, paper, plaster and paint breathe life into character transformations.  We will take some inspiration from a collection of favorite children's books.

Song and poetic voice are finally added to costume creations. The creative process leads to a deepened understanding of arts materials. Paper, textiles, metals and plastics, in a variety of combinations, have much to teach us more about the qualities of texture, color, movement, reflection and form. Above all, children become deeply engaged in the ever joyous activity of expression and hands-on invention. 

Costumes help children to embody a new way of being and often encourage musical and theatrical choreography. 




What stories dance in the light of our imaginations?